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M56 Cup Becomes North West Cup

Widnes beat Blackburn 4-3 in the league in the only meeting between the two teams so far this season (Photo by Geoff White)

Following ongoing concerns about ice time availability at the Deeside Dragons’ Queensferry rink, the 3-team M56 Cup competition that was scheduled to run between Widnes, Blackburn and Deeside this season has been amended.

It has been re-branded as the “North West Cup” and will now be contested between the YKK Widnes Wild and Blackburn Hawks only.

The cup competition will be played as a straight two-legged tie between the two teams, with the first game being played in East Lancashire this Saturday 26th November - face off 6pm - and the return game on Saturday 10th December at Planet Ice Widnes.

The team with the highest aggregate score after the two legs will win the North West Cup.

Widnes played Deeside in the only game of the M56 Cup to be staged so far, losing 4-6 at Planet Ice Widnes back in early October. The two teams may yet meet again in a separate revised cup format later in the season once the Dragons’ fixture backlog has been sorted out and any details will be announced once a decision has been made.


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