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Nathan Parkes-Britton Named Player Of the Month

Nathan Parkes-Britton was named Wild Player of the Month for February (Photo by Steve Cunningham)

After the home game against Whitley Warriors on Saturday, Nathan Parkes-Britton was unveiled as the Wild Player Of The Month for February 2023.

During the calendar month of February, Nathan played in all 6 Wild games, scoring 5 goals and 3 assists, including the highly important match-winning hat trick in the home game against Nottingham Lions.

The Player Of The Month (POTM) award is presented for every calendar month during the season and the winner is voted for by the fans, decided via a poll on the Wild club’s official Twitter account.

The winners so far this season are:

February - Nathan Parkes-Britton

January – Joey Coulter

December – Matty Barlow

November - Calum Ruddick

October – Rhys Edwards

September - Miles Finney.


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