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The YKK sponsored Widnes Wild are pleased to announce that there will be a new set of hands at the helm of the club from now on after an exciting and forward-looking change of personnel.

In fact, two new pairs of hands are taking over the behind the scenes running of the club and they are already known to a lot of people around the Planet Ice rink as they are Danny Davies and Georgia Weekes, who both have a very long-standing connection with ice hockey at Widnes.

Talking about the move, Danny and Georgia said:

“Having been involved with the Wild and Planet Ice for a number of years on and off previously, we’re looking forward to taking on the new challenge of running the club. As some of you may know we have recently moved back from London and jumped on board at the back end of last season to give Matt, Wez and Rich a helping hand.”

“We’re very proud to be involved with such an amazing club who arguably have the most devoted fans in the league and look forward to seeing you all again soon for yet another successful season!”

Fans will be pleased to know that continuity in the management of the Wild NIHL team is assured with the return of Wez Spurrett for another year and more announcements regarding coaching and playing staff for next season are expected shortly.

Departing Wild chairman Matt Lloyd commented, “I would like to thank everyone that has helped get the YKK Widnes Wild to where the club is today. What has been achieved has been truly remarkable; seven trophies in nine years and a successful transition to Division 1 is something that everyone involved should be very proud of and it gives a strong foundation to build on as the club enters its tenth season. I look forward to seeing the club develop on and off the ice and maintaining the high standards that have been set”.

Heath Rhodes, Chief Operating Officer for Planet Ice said, “on behalf of Planet Ice we look forward to watching Danny and Georgia taking the team forward and building on the success of the past nine seasons”.

Widnes Wild General manager Wez Spurrett said: “I am incredibly excited with the news of Georgia and Danny taking on the running of the club. Georgia and Danny were involved with a lot last season so I have already got to know how much they care about the club. And following recent meetings leading up to today’s news, hearing their plans and vision for the future of this club, I cannot wait for them to get started.”

“It’s no secret how much Matt Lloyd has put into this club to get it to where it is today, and how successful it has been over the recent years. And I don’t think just saying thank you could ever express the gratitude the club, players and fans will have for all that effort and hard work.”

“I know myself, Georgia and Danny will do everything to continue the winning tradition we have here at the Wild, as well as grow the club.”


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