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Expression of Interest Form

In order for us to tailor a package to benefit you in the best possible way throughout our partnership, please provide us with an estimate of your total budget availble for sponsorship:


  • Average of 1000 impressions per post

  • Up to 30 link clicks per post

  • Over 3.5k followers

  • Up to 100 impressions per post


  • Average of 21,620 accounts reached per year

  • Average of 22,032 accounts engaged per year

  • Followers up an average of 26.4% per year

  • 91.6% of followers aged 18-44


  • Average post reach of 252,889

  • Average of 76,024 page visits per year

  • Average of 125,918 post engagements per year

  • Average of 9,971 post reactions per year


  • Average of 51,484 visits per year

  • Average session time of 3m41s

  • Average of 22,953 blog visits per year


  • Average of 5670 views per post

  • Average of 1,179,360 views per year

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